Camelot Village Units For Sale

This page is not necessarily a complete or current list. For a more complete and current listing, please contact Joel Duvall, A2Z Realty, Inc., manager of Camelot Village, 919-933-1422 or, or visit the Camelot office at 130 S. Estes Dr.

Unit number Sale Price      Contact       Posting date
D-7 $65,000 Mary Gibbs,
Alliance Properties of the Carolinas
6409 Fayetteville Rd. Suite 120, Box 249
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919)274-2900
Fax: (919)489-5210
J-9       2014-07-24
K-8       2014-07-24
K-11    Mohamed Basma (owner) 2014-07-24
      Joel Duvall
130 South Estes Drive - Office
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
919-260-1516 cell

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