A Nutshell History of Camelot Village (draft)

The land on which Camelot Village was built was originally a corner of a 200-acre tract owned by the famous Chapel Hill playwright Paul Green, sometimes known as the Paul Green Farm. When Camelot was built, the property next door, now the Chapel Hill Community Center Park, was a town "disposal plant," i.e., a dump. This might explain why the Community Center land is about five feet higher in elevation than Camelot! According to the history of the Greenwood community which was created by Paul Green (see link below), an incinerator was part of the disposal plant's operations.

In the mid-1960s, Paul Green gave or sold this acreage to Dr. Louis L. Vine and his wife Florence Vine. The Vines in turn set up a development company which subdivided the land into three approximately equal parts and in 1967 built apartment projects on each part. These were Camelot Apartments, Shepherd Lane Apartments, and Brookwood Apartments. Camelot and the other apartments were converted into condominiums in the 1980s.

For a detailed history of Paul Green's development of the Greenwood neighborhood overlooking Camelot Village on the southeast, see the article "Greenwood - Chapel Hill's Most Illustrious Neighborhood"by Bea Witten on the "Chapel Hill Memories" website. (If this link does not work, try this local copy.

Revised March 16, 2011

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